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Programs and Services for Adolescents and Families

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After School &  Weekends

We offer services and activities in a sober space for adolescents and their families. At REACH LV, we utilize the Alternative Peer Group model to complement any treatment or clinical recovery pathway and provide activities to enhance each student’s mind, body and spirit, and to encourage wellness.

Professional staff

REACH LV employs a staff of experienced professionals of highly trained certified recovery specialists who expressly mirror the diverse population of the Lehigh Valley.

Peer-to-peer support

Positive adolescent role models are the best way to intervene in the ongoing addiction epidemic. Involving sober peers as ambassadors to recovery helps foster confidence in each person's lived recovery experience and encourages them to share with others and to lead each other with respect, friendship and honest examples.

Family support groups

We offer a confidential and safe place for family members to find resources, support, encouragement and hope. Family members impacted by substance use disorder can learn to share the experience, strength and hope, learn to take care of themselves, and ultimately may improve the chances a loved one will maintain a recovery journey.

Counseling & community services

REACH LV partners with community agencies, treatment programs and recovery schools to create an effective and inclusive continuum of care that supports and empowers adolescents and their families. Our program will compliment any action plans or clinical / behavioral specialists engaged in a personal recovery program. 

Planned sober social functions

We offer after-school programs and weekend events and functions to show teens that sober doesn't have to be boring! We engage teenagers in events and activities typical and age-appropriate inside a structured, empowering and sober environment. We look forward to providing you with a calendar of weekly & monthly events!

Psychosocial education groups

REACH LV programs engage adolescents to develop critical thinking, improve social and life skills, establish healthy relationships and grow through their personal recovery pathways and programs. In other words, we have them dig in, work hard, and have fun as peers, together


Teens who gain sobriety but return to substance-using peers, or isolate after gaining recovery, are at high risk of a relapse. REACH LV supports adolescent recovery and utilizes the Alternative Peer Group (APG) model to increase the likelihood of continued recovery by 88-percent or better! Come join the REACH gang. We are better together!

Peers working together to support each other's recovery. 
Join us. Reject the relapse statistics.


Together we CAN!


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Recovery support


REACH LV Youth Recovery Center is the realized vision of a safe, sober & fun community environment for adolescents and families.

Reach LV Youth Recovery Center


860 Broad Street, Suite 104
Emmaus, PA 18049, US

About us

Our mission is to provide a recovery community program that supports, empowers, and provides services to adolescents, and their families, in all phases of recovery.

REACH LV is a division of the 501(c)(3) RAFT group and welcomes youth of any race, religion or belief structure, color, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, disability status, nationality, social group, ethnic background, recovery pathway, or limited English proficiency.

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